More elephant deaths in Cameroon massacre

In a shocking development to earlier news on the large scale elephant poaching taking place in northern Cameroon, 458 bodies of dead elephants have reportedly now been counted.

It is feared this is still an underestimate, since access to much of Bouba Ndjida National Park is difficult and the true total body count may not emerge for some time. Some elephants were reportedly shot as recently as Tuesday, with the poachers suspected to be still within the Park’s boundaries.

The most recent official figures for the elephant population of Bouba Ndjida is 660 (based on a 1991 survey), so it is feared all the Park’s elephants are being systematically wiped out. Reports state that this is the culmination of a three month elephant poaching spree in three countries.  

As more information comes to light, Bloody Ivory will keep you posted with any news.

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