Is Another Mass Killing in Central Africa Imminent?

CAR, Cameroon, Chad, South Sudan map

In a pattern eerily reminiscent of the horrific mass killings in Bouba Ndjida National Park in Northern Cameroon this time last year, a media report just in is highlighting the severe danger currently facing elephants in Cameroon, Chad and Central African Republic.

Although when encountered, anti-poaching forces in these countries are chasing the gangs of Sudanese poachers to their borders, the most vulnerable elephants appear to be those in Central African Republic, with already few resources to deal with this threat and further hampered by the recent political upheavel. Carcasses have been found in the southeast, around Dzanga-Sangha National Park, apparently being used to test the responsiveness by the authorities to these incidents. The country had some 70,000 elephants just over 40 years ago, but this population is now down to 200. More losses are feared imminent.

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