Elephant Tusks in Dubai

The unnatural migration of an elephant's ivory tusk: Kenya - Dubai - Far East

Killed in a place and a time unknown, around 144 elephants meet their end to satisfy damand for ivory in the Far East. 

On the 1st of May while conducting a routine inspection by X ray, Dubai customs agents at Jebel Ali port found 259 tusks in a container labelled as wooden furniture and shipped from Mombasa in Kenya. Dubai is a favoured route for illegal wildlife products due to its connectivity to a large number of global ports and the high volume of transiting shipments. 

The seizure was only announced yesterday, drawing attention to a new public awareness campaign focussing on ivory smuggling launched last week by police in Dubai's international airport. One hopes the reason for the 3 week delay in announcing the seizure was the need for investigators to follow any leads which may result in the arrest of the co-ordinators of the illegal shipment, but so far no such news has been announced.

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