Elephant Family Tragedy

A family of 12 elephants have been killed in a horrific mass shooting by poachers in Kenya.

Discovered by Kenyan rangers in the Bisadi area of Tsavo East National Park, the 11 adult elephants and one juvenile, estimated to be just two months old, were slaughtered on Saturday 5th January by a gang of 10 poachers.

The elephant family had their tusks hacked off and all had bullet wounds. The gang, intent on using the ivory for financial gain, are being pursued by the Kenya Wildlife Service, whose spokesperson Paul Udo said that the recent incident ”shows the great lengths these criminal cartels are ready to go to get ivory. It’s really tragic.”

Following the ban on ivory trade in 1989, elephant poaching in much of Africa including Kenya went into free fall. However, in recent years poaching levels have spiralled, fuelled by several ‘one off’ legal sales in ivory and a sharp rise in demand for ivory products in Asia. Many believe this trade will spell a death-knell for elephants across the continent unless the demand is quickly quashed.

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