A monthly update on press coverage of the international illegal ivory trade. 

This month’s seizure figures represent at least 21 dead elephants, bringing the total since this time last year to at least 3,637…*

Early February – Bengaluru, India
Following a tip off, police arrest 5 attempting to transport a tusk suspected to be from an elephant poached in Tamil Nadu. Full report

Early February – Jharkhand, India
Wildlife officials find a poached elephant with tusks removed in Dalma Wildlife Sanctuary and with the help of a sniffer dog successfully locate the ivory hidden nearby. Full report

10th February - Gunderipallam village, Sathyamangalam Forest, Erode, India
Wildlife officials receive a tip off leading to the arrest of 4 individuals and the seizure of 2 tusks. The ivory is believed to have been in the process of being smuggled out of India. Full report

10th February - Kota Sarang Semut, Kota Setar, Malaysia
A house is raided by wildlife officials and 9 tusks and 22 bags of bones and a horn are recovered. Full report

10th February - Uganda
Ugandan authorities announce the haul of 162kg of ivory from various seizures at Katuna, Pakwach, Mutukula and Entebbe Airport. (It is unclear whether this represents ivory confiscated in 1 or 3 months). Full reports

13th February – Bangalore, India
Following another tip off, forest police arrest an individual attempting to sell ivory and sandlewood carvings. Full report

Mid February – Thailand
A police raid at a private residence results in three individuals being arrested for allegedly purchasing elephant organs and ivory from poachers. Full report

29th February – Cape Town, South Africa
A routine inspection at OR Tambo International Airport uncovers 54kg of ivory which instead of seizing, police ‘follow’ to a business address at which an unspecified amount of tusks, pieces and worked ivory is found, followed by the arrest of a Chinese national. Full report

29th February - Magamba village, Mpanda District, Tanzania
Police arrest three Tanzanians in connection with their possession of tusks weighing over 24kg. Full report

? February – Mpanda District, Tanzania
Two individuals are found in possession of over 11 kg of raw ivory. Full report


Elephant poaching news this month includes reports of a large scale slaughter in northern Cameroon’s Bouba Ndjida National Park, the killing of over 25 elephants in the Northern frontier region of Kenya in February by Ethiopian and Somalian poachers, and over 500 elephants poached in Virunga National Park in the Democratic Republic of Congo over the past 2 years.


* Customs authorities and police agencies can only do so much – seized tusks, carvings, chopsticks and jewellery represent a small percentage of all the illegal ivory estimated to be in trade at any point in time. It has been estimated that in order to supply this amount of ivory, 38,000 elephants - 8 percent of the entire African elephant population - are being killed annually.


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