Over 100 kg Ivory Seized and 16 Arrested in Gabon

On Friday 26th November, over 100 kg of ivory was seized and 16 ivory dealers arrested in Gabon, Central Africa – the result of a groundbreaking wildlife law enforcement initiative for the country.  

According to news reports, a possible source of the ivory is Minkebe National Park in northeast Gabon, believed by some to be home to one of the largest populations of forest elephants in Africa.  Although the Gabon government passed laws making ivory trade a punishable offence almost 30 years ago, poaching in Minkebe is reportedly a serious problem.

Minkebe is located on the border between Gabon and Cameroon, and while 3 of those arrested were Cameroonian, the majority were from much further afield - Senegal.   

This situation highlights the need for more resources to fund multi-country law enforcement operations, targeting those organized criminal networks involved in elephant poaching and international illegal ivory dealing.

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