A monthly update on press coverage of the international illegal ivory trade. 

This month’s seizures represent at least 273 dead elephants…

4th July – Sesheke District, Zambia
Two men are arrested by police in possession of 19 tusks and an AK47 rifle in southwestern Zambia, close to the border with Namibia and Botswana. Press report

5th July – Mashonaland West Province, Zimbababwe
Eight Zimbabweans are arrested in connection with recent elephant poaching in the area. Two elephant tusks are seized, together with rifles, ammunition and various animal hides. Press report

8th July - Pasir Gudang Port, Johor, Malaysia
National Parks and Customs authorities at a port in the south of the country close to the border with Singapore seize a container, declared as 'plywood' but found to contain 405 tusks. Press report

12th July – Katuna, Uganda
Customs officials arrest a Guinean national and seize an undisclosed amount of ivory at Katuna border town in Kbala District, Uganda. The ivory had been smuggled into Uganda from Burundi by the suspect, who had also been visiting Nigeria, Benin, Mali, Burkina Faso and Burundi. Press report

12th July - Samburu National Reserve, Kenya
The last mature female from a family of elephants is shot down and her tusks cut out, leaving behind 8 orphaned young elephants. During the first five months of 2011, elephant poaching in the Samburu/Buffalo Springs area reached the highest recorded for the past ten years. Press report

16th July - Caprivi region, Namibia
Following a tip off, Namibian and Botswanan anti-poaching teams collaborate to arrest four men and impound 8 tusks. Authorities suspect the elephants to have been poached in or near Chobe National Park in Botswana, before being smuggled across the border. Press report

18th July - Isiolo-Nairobi highway, Kenya
Again acting on a tip-off, police and other security authorities make three arrests and seize a lorry with 41 tusks being transported from central Kenya to Nairobi. The elephants are suspected to have been poached in nearby Meru County. Press report

20th July – Tsavo National Park, Kenya
Almost 5 tonnes of ivory is burnt in an official ceremony, calling an end to all trade in ivory. Read the full story.

21th July – Trans Mara West, Kenya
Police arrest a man following a sting operation with Kenya Wildlife Service rangers posing as potential buyers of 13kg of ivory tusks. Press report

21th July – Harare, Zimbabwe
Four tusks suspected to have come from elephants poached in Mozambique are impounded following the arrest of four men attempting to sell the ivory to Chinese businessmen. Press report

21th July – Narok, Kenya
Having purchased 25kg of ivory in a town not far from the Tanzanian border, three Somalian traders are arrested and the tusks seized. Press report

25th July – Corbett Tiger Reserve, India
During a routine forest patrol, a man is found to be in possession of an undisclosed amount of ivory and arrested. Press report

26th July – Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
A woman wearing an ivory bracelet transiting through Ethiopia on her way from Bangkok, Thailand to Zambia is arrested. Press report


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