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11 December 2012

In breaking news this afternoon, the Malaysian press is reporting the shocking seizure of 24 tonnes consignment of elephant ivory in around 1,500 pieces by customs authorities at Port Klang, just outside the Kuala Lampur capital. Other details of this seizure should come as no surprise - the shipment originated in Togo, a known hot bed for the wildlife trade, it was shipped via Malaysia, which seized more than 6,800kg in just four interceptions last year and the destination was again, China. 

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19 November 2012

Conservation Justice, a partner of the Last Great Ape Organisation (LAGA) achieved some noteworthy law enforcement successes this month with the arrest of an ivory poacher and seizure of 17kg of ivory in northern Gabon as well as the arrest of one of the country’s most notorious ivory dealers, in an operation that led to the seizure of 40kg of ivory and a mobile phone listing a number of Chinese contacts.

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14 November 2012

Ofir Drori, Director of the Last Great Ape Orgnaisation (LAGA), was recently awarded the prestigious Duke of Edinburgh Conservation Medal in recognition of his personal commitment to the conservation of wild animals in Africa. Here is the self proclaimed new generation wildlife activist talking to Will Travers, Born Free CEO, about the legal and illegal trade in ivory and much more...

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29 October 2012

An update on press coverage of the international illegal ivory trade.  

This period’s seizure figures represent at least 861 dead elephants.

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25 October 2012

Details regarding one of the world’s largest ever seizures of ivory are gradually coming to light.

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09 October 2012

Renowned field biologist and conservationist Ian Redmond OBE gives his thoughts on elephant poaching, the ivory trade, the importance of elephants as ecosystem engineers and more...

25 July 2012

Intervention made by Will Travers OBE on behalf of the Species Survival Network (SSN) at the Standing Committee meeting in Geneva today...

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20 July 2012

The buying and selling of wild animals and plants and their body parts is an industry worth billions of dollars a year.  It can have extremely damaging, sometimes irreversible, impacts on the species being traded...

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18 July 2012

As we reported previously, on 27th June the Gabonese government burnt its ivory stockpile in a show of defiance to the poachers and traffickers who would profit from the death of elephants. As part of the ivory audit prior to the burn, Luc Mathot, President of Conservation Justice, followed officials who verified the ivory stocks all over the country and monitored the transport of the ivory to the location of the burning ceremony. 
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27 June 2012

In a dramatic statement of principle, the Central African nation of Gabon today burnt its 4.8 tonne elephant ivory stockpile - a move which has been widely applauded by the international conservation community.  The Born Free Foundation believes this landmark gesture by Gabon sends a clear and unambiguous message to the criminal networks involved in international wildlife crime: that illegal trading in elephant ivory will no longer be tolerated.

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