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10 February 2014

In response to escalating levels of elephant poaching and illegal trade in ivory, destruction is being increasingly accepted as the only viable long term solution to the problem of the ever increasing government-owned ivory stockpiles. Why?

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06 February 2014

France has today crushed and incinerated 3.5 tonnes of ivory in the shadow of the iconic Eiffel Tower, ahead of the UK-hosted Conference on Illegal Wildlife Trade taking place in London on the 13th February.

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30 January 2014

A Chinese ivory smuggler, who pleaded guilty to trafficking ivory in Kenya, was yesterday fined 20 million Kenya Shillings (equivalent to US$232,000 or £138,000).  He will serve seven years in prison if he is unable to pay the fine.

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23 January 2014

Following China’s destruction of 6 tonnes of its ivory stockpile, Hong Kong has committed to destroying 28 tonnes of seized ivory.

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17 December 2013

Jean-Philippe Nkaga, suspected to not only be behind the mass slaughter of elephants but to also coordinate ivory trafficking, has been arrested in Minvoul, Northern Gabon.

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12 December 2013

From the 2nd - 4th December 2013, government representatives and elephant experts gathered in Botswana to attend the African Elephant Summit, to discuss the current serious crisis facing Africa's elephants.

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01 December 2013

A recent study finds that unlike other Southeast Asian domestic ivory markets, that in Cambodia has dried up. Crackdown on poaching and stronger law enforcement are among the reasons...

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18 November 2013

Adam Roberts, Executive Vice-President of Born Free USA was witness to the latest mass ivory destruction event..

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08 October 2013

On 4th October 2013 thousands marched in a series of 15 worldwide marches, showing their opposition to the current elephant poaching crises and the ivory trade causing it. 

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26 September 2013

Governments and conservation partners launch new initiative to tackle the scourge of poaching, illegal ivory trade and associated national, regional and global security issues. 

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