A monthly update on press coverage of the international illegal ivory trade. 

This month’s seizure figures represent at least 48 dead elephants, bringing the total so far this year to at least 4,031…

14th November – Hong Kong Port, Hong Kong SAR, China
A container labeled as scrap plastic is shipped from Cape Town, South Africa to Hong Kong. Following an X ray examination of the container, the port’s customs officials uncover 758 chopsticks and 127 bracelets made from elephant ivory and 33 rhino horns wrapped in layers of tinfoil, paper and plastic. Both are believed to have been destined for ChinaFull report

25th November – Nairobi, Kenya
Customs officials conducting routine inspections of containers bound for shipment uncover 87 elephant tusks among a consignment of soapstone and wooden carvings destined for Hong KongFull report


African elephant poaching news this month includes reports of Zambian ivory poachers crossing into Zimbabwe’s north to kill elephants, the increasing vulnerability of Tanzanian elephant populations as politicians temper their anti-poaching efforts in the face of a perceived risk of losing votes and a report of poaching in Mozambique’s Niassa Reserve accounting for at least 52 deaths at the hands of poachers so far this year.


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