Two tonnes of Ivory and 5 Rhino Horns Seized at Kenya Airport

Two tonnes of ivory and five rhino horns were seized this Sunday at Jomo Kenyatta International Airport in Nairobi, Kenya.    

The shipment was bound for an Emirates flight to Dubai and from then onto Malaysia.

The ivory was in 312 pieces, packed among avocadoes and wrapped in black paper and banana leaves in twelve wooden crates.  Being labelled as ‘avocadoes’, customs officials were reportedly alerted by the destination, weight and packaging of the shipment, leading to closer scrutiny by means of sniffer dogs from the Kenya Wildlife Service Canine Unit.

The haul was displayed in Nairobi National Park, metres from the spot where in 1989, the former Kenyan President Daniel Moi led a symbolic ceremonial burning of 12 tonnes of ivory, believing as many conservationists still do today that allowing even legal ivory into the world’s markets stimulates trade and thus threatens elephant populations worldwide.

Two Kenyan suspects have been arrested in connection with the seizure and investigations into the source, sender and recipients of the shipment are ongoing. 

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