Update on Bloody Ivory's Fundraising

Born Free Foundation would like to send a big 'thank you' to everyone who has donated to the current Bloody Ivory fundrasing project: the elephants of Babile Elephant Sanctuary in Ethiopia, around 100 of which have been poached in the past 4 years. Although the funding target has not yet been reached, Born Free is sending funds raised so far, as the emergency situation in Babile has become even more critical in recent days, with at least 6 elephants poached over the past 2 weeks. Although elephant numbers in Babile are uncertain, as few as 250 now remain.

To address some of the park’s most immediate needs the rangers urgently need to be better equipped and have better access to the park and this is what the funds being sent are going towards.

Babile is also an improtant area for lion, cheetah, leopard and several antelope species, notably lesser and greater kudu. Apart from the poaching threat, large numbers of people have moved into the park boundaries and are growing crops and rearing large herds of cows, goats, sheep and camels, all competing with the wildlife of Babile for its precious resources. However, the local people can benefit from the park resources in other more constructive ways, such as through generating and improving their livelihoods. Besides its ecological value, the area could provide diverse economic benefits from tourism, since it is situated close to tourist destination areas in eastern Ethiopia. Born Free continues to work with the Ethiopian government authorities to address these threats, needs and opportunities in the best way possible.

Your support is truly invaluable to help with the effort to address the situation in Babile. We will continue to raise funds for Babile and Born Free will of course keep you posted with any further news.

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