World Ranger Day

Park ranger, Burkina Faso 2013

Today, World Ranger Day, we applaud those who stand at the frontline of the struggle to save the world's wildlife, forming a thin green line between the vast ecosystems that elephants and other wildlife call home and the ravages of illegal killing and habitat destruction.

These rangers, brave men and women often work in extremely difficult field conditions with little support from their governments and are forgotten by the international community. They often lack the critical training and equipment they need to defend both wildlife and themselves.

Some of the fallen are known – at least 1,000 rangers have died while carrying out their duties in the last 10 years – but even more don’t even receive the dignity of a statistic.

The critical role that rangers play has now been recognised by His Royal Highness Prince William, the Duke of Cambridge.

To read more and learn how you can help support rangers’ work visit: The Thin Green Line Foundation.

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